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To a large part, a company’s public image depends on its corporate photography. That often means portrait photography of its CEO, Board of Directors, key officers and employees for brochures, web-sites, advertisements and annual reports.

While the yellow pages list hundreds of portrait photographers, few of them specialize in the high quality executive portraits needed for these key uses. Portrait photography of high school seniors, families and newlyweds is different in almost every aspect from the challenges of executive portraits.

The executive portrait specialist must work quickly and confidently in the corporate environment. To the extent possible, business must continue in spite of the photography activity. No trader, consultant or law firm partner expects to lose billable hours because of the need for a publicity photo.

As a highly experienced corporate photographer, Tom Graves is sensitive to the needs of his clients. Options are discussed and alternatives are explored in order to minimize the impact of the photography session on the workplace. Tom is quite expert at evaluating the environment for the corporate photos and identifying suitable settings and backgrounds.

Executives are primarily interested in two things: they want to minimize the time and “muss and fuss” associated with portrait photography; and they want to look good in the final product. With his extensive experience as a portrait photographer, Tom is not easily thrown off his game. He arrives with a plan in mind and with all necessary equipment. Essential gear has a backup or multiple backups. His crew (usually one assistant, adding others as needed) is experienced, tactful and interested in achieving the same result as Tom: high quality executive portraits. Executives and workers alike appreciate Tom’s calm and mature manner. In addition, Tom is respectful of all his portrait photography subjects—regardless of their rank or title.

Tom is one of a lucky few to have studied portrait photography in New York with Philippe Halsman, creator of over 100 Life magazine covers. His training as a portrait photographer comes across in his executive portraits. Executives not only look like leaders, they look like nice people. “I want an executive portrait that works well for the assignment, and I want the CEO’s family to like the portrait, too,” he says. “And I want to exceed the client’s expectations.”

Tom knows most people spend only a few moments of their lives in front of the camera, but his easy manner can quickly put them at ease. Even subjects who are nervous, or “just don’t like to be photographed,” come across as natural and likeable. He is the portrait photographer of choice when it comes to executives.